Internet Privacy & Security

The main objective of this article is to show you through my driver, the importance of having a true reflection on the correct definition of a computer policy and more specifically a computer policy access on the security of Network. Otherwise this leads to more or less important faults. The elements that will be mentioned in the article are of course based on factual elements… translated through two studies (but there are many others) freshly released… including one by one of the leaders of protection.
To complete our introduction, we hope that this one will have attracted your attention and will allow you to take a step back enough to evaluate yourself in the most objective way, your IT policy… to measure the gap in its definition ( It policy) and its reality on the ground (translates it in the right way).
Everyone is talking about it, all of us know that IT security is an important element… But few people, other than the insiders, are able to assess the extent of it.
Both the polls once again put the inadequacy of our behavior as well as the computer security of the company.

  • 31 000 Business email accounts tested, more than 74% have a problem of sécurité…de confidentiality (Privaterelay October 2015 study).
  • More than 16 000 accounts are on servers étrangers…et not located in France.
  • More than 8000 accounts cannot receive encrypted emails.
  • More than 6000 letters have important security vulnerabilities.
  • Over 4 000 messages contain unencrypted passwords and insecurity.

Investigation of Kaspersky Oct 2015 (leader in the field of computer protection) strongly challenges the
In 2012-13, 37.3 million users worldwide were victims of phishing attacks (data recovery + 87%/in the previous year.
Every day 102100 of Internet users in the world have been victims of attacks. Cybercriminals use data for the purpose of infiltrating the company’s network and then putting them into “threat”. But this is not without consequences.

According to the Global IT Security risks Survey 2014

  • 94% of companies interviewed deplored at least one external security incident.
  • The estimated impact of a company data violation increased by 14%.
  • 87% of companies that lost data had to use the services of external specialists and 47% suffered significant additional losses.
  • Costs incurred (professional services), downtime and business opportunity losses are valued at $35 000 for small and medium-sized enterprises and 690 000 for large businesses.
  • 80% of businesses that have crashed it die within two years, and 50% are closed during the year.

You will understand, the quality of your computer security is based on the good coherence which can be between on the one hand the policy of it-the founders of the company, the reality of the technical budgets allocated by the company… With regard Of the defined policy, the good behaviors of the users… In connection with the training field and theoretical and finally, the quality of the provider retained… which must be based on a number of criteria larges…au beyond the sacrosanct angle of tariffs.